Monday, October 31, 2011

Macro Lenses for Compact Cameras

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DSLR Level Macros with Compact Cameras

Contrary to popular belief, there are commercially available macro lenses for compact point & shoot cameras.  One such lens is Little BigShot and the other is Raynox DCR-250.

These lenses help improve your macro images in the following ways:
1 - Higher magnification
2 - Bokeh enhancement

Higher Magnification
In order for compact cameras to focus closer than 6" (15cm), they must be set to macro mode.  While in macro mode, zoom can not be used.  Both the Little BigShot and Raynox lenses permit the compact camera to use zoom at close range and still obtain a sharp focus, so the compact camera may now achieve macro magnification comparable to a DSLR.

Enhanced Bokeh
Compact camera bokeh is harsh and distracting.  DSLR bokeh is creamy and enhancing.  The Little BigShot and Raynox lenses decrease the depth of field of the compact camera, so creamy, beautiful bokeh happens automatically.  The bokeh may also be manipulated by simply changing the zoom level.

Choosing a Macro Lens
No matter which type of compact point & shoot camera you have, one of the macro lenses will fit.   If you camera has a flat surface on the face of the lens barrel, then the Little BigShot lens will fit.  If your camera does not have a flat surface, then the Raynox lens will fit.

If you are interested in a macro lens for your compact point & shoot camera, here are the websites:

Little BigShot and Raynox work the same way, and provide the same magnification and bokeh results.  The cost of Little BigShot is $25 while the cost of Raynox is $75.


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