Sunday, October 30, 2011

FHRS Focusing Technique

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The Amazing FHRS Focusing Technique
FHRS stands for Focus, Hold, Recompose, Shoot. This technique is simple to understand and it solves many focus related problems. 
If you learn nothing from this blog except the FHRS technique, then you have left here with a powerful tool.
Since I began using it,  I have never once had either a focusing or over exposure problem.

Camera Sets Focus at Wrong Place, Correcting with FHRS
Even when using a tripod, people are mystified when the camera reports that the scene is in focus but in the actual photo, the focus is in the wrong place.
This happens because the camera's auto focus system is not necessarily on the same page with you.
FHRS gives you the ability to make corrections and set the focus where you want it, rather than where the camera thinks it should be.
In this first photo, I placed the bracelet in the center of the scene and let the camera do its thing.  As you can see, the texture of the cloth underneath the center of the bracelet has a very nice focus, but the beads in the front of the bracelet are blurry. 

To get the focus where I want it to be, I again placed the bracelet in the center of the scene, but this time, I pushed the shutter button only half way down to the focus detente and then I held it there.
While holding at the focus detente, I backed the camera up until I saw the lead beads come into perfect focus in the monitor and then I pushed the shutter the rest of the way down to shoot.
Two or three additional seconds and my focus problem is solved.  Life is sweet with FHRS!


Poor Hand Held Focus, Correcting with FHRS
If you do hand held closeups (as I do), you will soon discover that no matter how steady you think you are, there is enough body movement to cause "camera shake" which results in blurriness.  
The best tool to help with hand held focus is known as FHRS.
Here's a video demonstration on how to use FHRS for hand held closeups.

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